Consumer Reports Survey Says Only 7% of Americans Willing To Go Electric

Buddy EV

In brief: A survey published by Consumer Reports shows that only 7% of Americans are willing to buy an electric/plug-in car and only 26% are willing to consider one.

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Buddy EV (Norway)

The study polled 1,752 random purchase-intent car buyers and asked several questions, gauging range requirements price expectations, and power trains being considered.

Those who were wiling to purchase an electric wanted an 89 mile range on average and less than half (49%) thought that 75 miles would be adequate.

Another 29% said they thought a range of 200 miles was required before they'd consider an electric. None of those surveyed were willing to pay a high price premium to go electric, with the amount they were willing to pay over-and-above a comparable gasoline car being consummate with income level, the average premium being $2,068.

Nearly everyone surveyed (63%) would only buy electric if they could charge while at work.

And so ...

Overall, an interesting survey that paints a realistic picture of an American car-buyer's expectations from an automobile.

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