ColognE-Mobil 2-Year Electric Vehicle Trials Launch in Germany


In brief: Four partners including Ford-Werke GmbH (Ford Motors), RheinEnergie AG, the City of Cologne, and the University of Duisberg-Essen (UDE) are working together to test electric mobility under everyday conditions.

The word


The testing began January 4 and will go on for two years, using 25 battery electric vehicles (BEV) from Ford, including ten Ford Transit vans.

Cologne is providing urban integration, such as charging points and parking, while also facilitating research groups from the University who will test atmospheric conditions and other things related to the zero-emissions fleets.

Testing of the daily usage in reality versus what's on paper will reveal the viability of the battery packs, ergonomics regarding driver usage and charging, and more.

All in all, the ambitious test project is expected to reveal many day-to-day aspects of EV usage not before seen.

And so ...

Traffic models and other things will also be considered in the testing and this landmark promises to be a big step towards large-scale adoption of alternative vehicles, especially electrics.

Photo credits: ColognE-mobil

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