Coda issues first recall

Side impact airbag

In brief: Electric car maker Coda has issued a recall for 78 of its sedans due to improperly installed airbags.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: 2012 Sedan
Manufacturer: Coda Automotive

The word

Every carmaker goes through it: a safety recall. New companies like Coda (and Fisker and Tesla) often get more press when their cars are recalled than others. It's a matter of perspective; when a new company tries to make headway into the established automotive market, there will be bumps in the road.

Coda is recalling 78 of its electric sedans due to the improper installation of side curtain airbags. The recall will require replacement of the airbags by the automaker, which will be done free of charge to the affected customers.

The problem is the installation on some of the airbags in a particular production run of sedans was done improperly and could mean the airbag would fail to deploy in an accident. Although the cars are largely made in China, they are assembled (including the airbags) in Benicia, California.

Recalls are beginning immediately and Coda believes they'll have all affected customers notified within days.

And so ...

Most Coda cars have been sold only in California where the company has dealerships in San Diego, Los Angeles, and Silicon Valley.

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