Coda Automotive to Build Batteries in Ohio

Coda Sedan 4

In brief: The Coda Sedan all-electric car's battery systems could be built in Ohio if the Department of Energy approves the company's loan application.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: Sedan
Manufacturer: Coda Automotive

The word

Coda Sedan

Coda made the announcement today from their Santa Monica, California headquarters. The deal to move to Ohio is pending approval of state incentives in Ohio as well as the DOE loan process. The company is considering several sites in the state.

The facility would be operated by Lio Energy Systems, a joint venture between Coda and Lishen Power Battery with Coda holding majority share. The Ohio facility would replicate Lishen's plant in Tianjin, a million-square-foot operation that produces 20,000 battery packs per year.

And so ...

Coda surveyed several states as options for the new plant, settling on Ohio after stiff competition.

Photo credits: Coda

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