Coda Automotive Launches Consumer Sales of CODA EV

Coda Sedan promo

In brief: Coda Automotive is now accepting deposits for its electric four-door sedan, the CODA.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: CODA
Manufacturer: Coda Automotive

The word

CODA Sedan

The California company is now accepting deposits of $499 (refundable) on its soon-to-be-released electric sedan, the CODA. The final price tag is $44,900 before incentives. California and federal incentives could drop the price to $32,400.

CODA will also offer leasing options. Sales will take place through "retail and education centers" that Coda is setting up throughout California and Hawaii.

And so ...

Ever wonder if the sticker price on some of these green cars is directly tied to those incentives?

Photo credits: Coda

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