CODA Automotive Begins Delivery of Electric Car to Consumers, Dealers

First CODA Customer Steve, with his new sedan (courtesy CODA on Facebook)

In brief: CODA Automotive in Southern Califronia has rolled its first cars off its small assembly line and begun deliveries to its pre-purchase customers and dealerships.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: 2012 Sedan
Manufacturer: CODA

The word

First CODA buyer Steve (photo courtesy CODA Facebook page)

On Monday, March 12, CODA Automotive rolled its first car off the assembly line in Benicia, California. The understated electric vehicle company, whose car is a plain mid-sized sedan design with parts hailing from all over the world, has been quietly, but persistently marketing its EV.

The factory rollout means that the car is now officially on the market. Pre-purchase customers began receiving their sedans a few days later, with first customer Steve (no last name given) getting his keys, followed by three lucky Southern Californians.

Dealerships in various Southern California locations began receiving sedans for demonstration drives as well - inventory will be shipped as its produced, with CODA currently filling pre-orders first.

California residents interested in test driving the sedan can do so at CODA's Los Angeles or Silicon Valley headquarters as well as the CODA Experience Center in Century City, Fladeboe CODA in Irvine, or Marvin K. Brown CODA in San Diego.

And so ...

The CODA Sedan comes in two models: the 125-mile range and the 150-mile range option. These have an MSRP of $37,500 and $39,500 respectively.

Photo credits: CODA Facebook page

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