Coda Announces Plans for Stores to Sell Cars and Repair Centers

Coda Sedan 2

In brief: Coda, the electric car company that's quietly poised to have the first affordable, American, all-electric car on the market, announced that it will sell the cars through "Apple-like" stores with the Coda brand name and will contract repairs through Firestone dealerships nationally.

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Make/Model: Coda
Manufacturer: Coda Automotive

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Coda Sedan

The company will begin in California with one dealership (Coda Store) staffed by "geniuses." That store will be followed by others through California and then the rest of the U.S. over time.

The Coda sedan will also be backed by a 3-year, 36,000 mile warranty and an 8-year guarantee on the batteries. Prices will begin at $30,000 (pre-rebates) and going up to $35,000 for the 120-mile range option. Coda hopes to drop the price and increase the range further within 5 years as economies of scale kick in.

The service will be handled by specially-trained Firestone dealerships nationally - 75 in all - starting, obviously, in California.

And so ...

Interesting news and not surprising, as this is the same basic model that Tesla has taken with their cars.

Photo credits: Coda Automotive

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