Citroen Makes Race-Spec Survolt Electric Car

Citroen Survolt

In brief: Citroen stopped the show when they unveiled the Survolt concept at the Geneva Motor Show. Now, a race-ready version appeared just as suddenly at the Lemans Classic.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: Survolt
Manufacturer: Citroen

The word

Citroen Survolt, Geneva Motor Show

The car, a concept that immediately caught eyes (and breaths) at the Geneva Motor Show this year, stunned race fans at the Formula One LeMans Classic a few days ago.

Piloted by accomplished female driver Vanina Ickx and painted to definitely appeal to the women in attendance, the Survolt showed that Citroen is serious about getting the world's attention with this supercar.

The tiny, race-inspired, and uniquely powerful-appearing Survolt is making a name for itself by crashing shows - quietly (literally and figuratively) showing up to steal the spotlight and this exhibition showing is further proof that the car is the real deal.

And so ...

No word on whether the Survolt will see production, but with the way Citroen is promoting it, there must be something going on.

Photo credits: Citroen

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