Citroen Adds C-ZERO to MultiCity Rental Service


In brief: Citroen is now included its C-ZERO electric city car in its MultiCity vehicle rental service in selected French cities.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: C-ZERO
Manufacturer: Citroen

The word

Citroen Z-ZERO EV

The C-ZERO is Citroen's rebranded Mitsubishi i MiEV and limited numbers are now available. This new twist adds them to the company's growing Citroen MultiCity rental links throughout Europe.

For about $51USD, in select French cities, the C-ZERO can be rented for half a day. It's available at convenient traveler destinations or embarkation points, such as train stations and airports, in the Paris region. It will gradually roll out to other cities in France and perhaps other countries.

And so ...

The Citroen MultiCity site is online at

Photo credits: Citroen

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