Chrysler Launches 2011 GEM Line of NEVs

GEM e2
In brief: The Chrysler Group's Global Electric Motorcars (GEM) has launched the 2011 vehicle line of low-speed, battery electric vehicles.

The word

GEM e2Several vehicle variants are available and GEM already has about 45,000 vehicles on the road around the world. Updates for the 2011 model year include a new energy monitoring system.

The new system allows the driver to determine the total number of kWh that have been used from the grid as part of the trip meter. Added vehicle options such as off-road "turf" tires, a right-hand drive package for police/security use, and utility tie-downs for added versatility.

GEM eLXDThe vehicles are neighborhood electrics (NEV) with a top speed of 25mph and a range of about 30 miles per charge. They are designed for campus, neighborhood, base, stadium, and similar closed-area use. Because they are electric, they can be driven through buildings without worry of emissions. They are street legal in most U.S. states on roads posted 35mph or slower.

And so ...

Chrysler acquired GEM and it is, to date, their only electric vehicle line.

Photo credits: GEM

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