Chrysler Dumps Ram Hybrid, Decides to Bring Fiat 500 EV to U.S.

Fiat 500EV rendering

In brief: Chrysler has canceled plans to produce a hybrid Ram pickup truck platform as part of its now-defunct ENVI program, but new owner Fiat has agreed to bring the 500 electric model to American shores.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: 500 EV
Manufacturer: Fiat / Chrysler

The word

Fiat 500EV concept

The hybrid Ram project is all but scrapped, with only the obligation (because of a Department of Energy loan) to 140 produce prototypes.

Instead, Chrysler plans to build Fiat 500 plug-in cars in Toluca, Mexico. No solid information on the 500's capabilities were given, but it's likely to be a range-extended or parallel hybrid configuration.

The car will come sometime in 2011 as a 2012 model and will most likely be a twin of the European version of the Fiat-made auto. That car is a range-extended electric hybrid with a 20 mile range.

And so ...

Most of the information for the new EV is speculation, but since Fiat has already been planning and working on prototypes of the 500 EV for some time, it's likely that Chrysler will just inherit that for American consumption.

Photo credits: Chrysler

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