BYD Gets Chinese Government Approval to Produce Electric E6


In brief: The Chinese government has given approval to BYD to begin production on the electric vehicle crossover dubbed the E6.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: E6
Manufacturer: BYD

The word


The e6 crossover electric was first introduced in Shanghai last year. Since then, it has toured the world, hitting several auto shows, but not showroom floors.

Until now. The Chinese government has finally given BYD approval to begin production on the electric vehicle, which is slated to begin hitting showrooms in China later this year. BYD has promised it will come to North America soon as well, though that may be delayed from their earlier "late 2010" plans due to this red tape (no pun intended).

The car is priced at about $40,000USD with a 60kWh battery pack that moves it for up to 205 miles per charge. The e6 is highway-ready and capable.

And so ...

Most may recall that Warren Buffet made a news splash last year when one of his investment subsidiaries went heavily into the Chinese battery-cum-automaker. He may see a return on his investment sooner than anticipated if this vehicle takes off.

Photo credits: ABG

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