BYD Dumps Plug-in EV Plans

BYD E6 hatchback

In brief: BYD, the out-of-nowhere battery-cum-carmaker in China, has quietly made it clear that the 100 E6 electrics they make for taxi fleets around Shenzhen will be the only electrics they'll be making in the foreseeable future.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: E6
Manufacturer: BYD

The word

BYD E6 hatchback

With slow sales of the new carmaker's hybrid-electric, F3DM in Asia, and likely due to the company's recent deals with Daimler and Volkswagen, BYD has announced that they will not be making the E6 electric sedan and hatchbacks as soon as they'd hoped.

The delay tactic, which could actually be a nix on the models that were anticipated, but had high promises that BYD may not have been able to meet, will mean at least two more years before teh company considers putting them into mass production.

The E6 and F3DM were both slated to come to America in the next three years.

And so ...

It's likely that the company is finding selling cars to be harder than they'd thought.

Photo credits: BYD (Shanghai Show)

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