Burlington Hydro Receives First Commercial Fleet EV in Canada

REV 300 ACX for Burlington Hydro

In brief: Burlington Hydro of Ontario, Canada has taken delivery of the first all-electric vehicle for a commercial fleet application in Canada. The REV 300 ACX is a refitted Ford Escape from Rapid Electric Vehicles.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: REV 300 ACX / Ford Escape
Manufacturer: REV / Ford

The word


The SUV is being used as a demonstration project to study the operating characteristics of an electric vehicle (EV) fleet in practical working conditions.

The REV 300 ACX will be part of a one year study conducted by the University of Waterloo under funding from Transport Canada. The study will map recharging patterns, usage characteristics, drive-cycles, and more of the EV to better optimize fleet EVs for Canadian use.

The REV ACX is a Ford Escape refitted with Rapid Electric Vehicle's drive train. This includes a 125kW AC motor, a single-speed eGearDrive system, and lithium batteries.

The ACX has a 99 mile range and a top speed of 89mph. Charge time is about 4-5 hours (to full) at 240V.

And so ...

Canada's first fleet electric, but certainly not their last.

Photo credits: Burlington Hydro / REV

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