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Bugatti to Make All-Electric Supercar?

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Bugatti EV

In brief: Bugatti, best known for their outrageously powerful (and expensive) limited series production supercars, is toying with the idea of making an 800hp electric supercar.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: ?
Manufacturer: Bugatti

The word

Bugatti EV

The concept is said to be based on the drive train of the Audi E-Tron, but with improved performance (from 315hp to 800hp is quite an "improvement"). Bugatti would do this with two motors totaling 800hp and 1,622ft-lb of torque.

The prototype will likely be based on the Bentley Continental GT, a light-weight and solid luxury speedster.

Officially, the concept EV doesn't exist, but Bugatti has leaked some details. It's unclear whether the Continental would be a test platform or the final product.

It is likely that the major problem the engineers will face is finding a power source (batteries) with enough juice to power that much force for very long.

And so ...

Indeed, when running a Tesla Roadster all-out, the 120-mile range drops by more than half, which is why the car is rarely seen on the race track beyond the short runs.

Photo credits: Auto Express

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