Brammo Introduces Longer-Range Enertia

Brammo Enertia Plus
In brief: Brammo has introduced an updated Enertia motorcycle, called the Enertia Plus, with a longer range for 2011.

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Make/Model: 2011 Enertia Plus Manufacturer: Brammo

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Enertia Plus

The Oregon-based motorcycle maker has announced the new Enertia Plus as an option for the standard Enertia model of their electric motorcycle. It has double the range (80 miles) of the standard model, but has the same weight and size specifications.

The Enertia and Enertia Plus are commuter motorcycles with top speeds of 60mph and a range of 42 and 80 miles (respectively). The Enertia won awards in 2010 for its design.

The difference between the two models is the battery pack, which is raised from 3.1kWh in the Enertia to 6kWh in the Plus.

Here is a video promoting the Enertia Plus:

And so ...

Brammo has not given details on their battery packs beyond their size and output, but the warranty on the two bikes is very different, with the Enertia having a 2,000 charge cycle warranty and the new Plus having only a 500 charge cycle guarantee. So it may be that they're "overclocking" (for lack of a better term) the battery to get the extra range without increasing size. Photo credits: Brammo

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