Brammo cuts price of Enertia Electric Motorcycle by one-third


In brief: Brammo has slashed the price of their Enertia Electric Motorcycle by an astounding 33 percent.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: Enertia Electric Motorcycle (EEM)
Manufacturer: Brammo

The word

According to a press release issued yesterday, Brammo has cut the price of their flagship electric motorcycle, the stylish Enertia, from an initial price point of $11,995 to $7,995, before a 10% federal tax credit, making the price of the bike now just $7,195.

"While this pricing breakthrough is innovative in transportation, it is in line with consumer electronics, where engineering and production advances get passed on to customers as quickly as possible to stimulate adoption of the technology," stated Craig Bramscher, founder and CEO of Brammo. "The Enertia is consumer electronics that you can ride and BRAMMO's engineers are able to deliver a better value proposition to customers sooner than a traditional transportation company."

The Enertia is available, as the company had promised, at selected Best Buy outlets. Currently, a down payment of at least $2,000 is required, following by a finance plan handled by the retailer.

And so ….

One of our hang-ups with the EEM when we profiled it this past summer was the price. Not anymore.

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by Ross Bonander

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