BMW Releases Results of 1st Phase Mini E Trials in UK

BMW Mini E

In brief: The first half of a 12-month trial of BMW's Mini E in the UK has wrapped and the results are in.

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Make/Model: Mini E
Manufacturer: BMW

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BMW Mini E

BMW has released the data from the first six months of the Mini E's trials in the UK. Most of it is subjective in the form of surveys of drivers who've been leasing the car under the trials plan.

The sum-up states:

Users liked Mini E's lack of noise, the convenience of home charging, low off peak power charges, not having to go to a gasoline station and queue, driving a zero emissions vehicle, MINI E's acceleration characteristics and regenerative braking. Drawbacks include current mileage range for certain journeys, limited carrying capacity and sub-optimal car performance during the extremely cold weather conditions in December 2009 and January 2010.

Statistics from car-mounted computer data show that the average trip was 8.5 miles (average in UK is 8.6) and average daily distance was 27 miles.

Contradictory survey results say that while 87.5% of the Mini E's drivers think that a public charging infrastructure is necessary, 75% of them said they can get by without one.

Some complaints were aired as well, including the problematic cold weather operation of the vehicle, and the cramped interior (batteries take up the entire back seat, making this conversion a 2-seater).

And so ...

The contradictory survey results on charging stations is probably from the complaint that was also aired where drivers said they didn't like having to use another car for longer-distance trips.

Photo credits: BMW

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