BMW Gives Teaser for Electric 2013 Megacity

BMW Megacity Sketch Teaser
BMW Megacity Frame 2
BMW Megacity Frame 1

In brief: BMW has released a teaser sketch of their electric car coming in 2013, the Megacity.

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Make/Model: Megacity
Manufacturer: BMW

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BMW Megacity Sketch

Earlier this year, BMW announced that their first all-electric car would be the Megacity, coming in 2013. They have now released a teaser sketch of the car (above).

The automaker plans to make extensive use of carbon fiber in order to lighten the vehicle to increase range. Using feedback from current real-world road tests of the electric Mini E, the design of the Megacity incorporates some obvious Mini elements.

The sketch (and framing, below) suggests a door design as a 1+3/4 door with small rear doors that open opposing the front door to allow easier access to the rear. While BMW hasn't said, this might mean a 2+1, 3+1 or 4-seat arrangement. Given the tiny size the car will likely be, it's probably not going to seat 5.

And so ...

No other specifications have been given so far, but watch the auto shows later this year and early next for mockup concepts, as suggested by these frame-build shots.

BMW Megacity Frame

BMW Megacity Frame

Photo credits: BMW

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