BMW Clears the Air on ActiveE Field Trial Fleet Size

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In brief: Rumors have been quenched by BMW after an announcement that the test fleet of ActiveE cars, due to deploy in America in 2011, will be of the same size or larger than the current Mini E test fleet.

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Make/Model: ActiveE
Manufacturer: BMW

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BMW ActiveE

The rumor had the second-phase test fleet of ActiveEs at only 200 vehicles in the U.S., but BMW has now said that they will number equal or more than the current Mini E fleet, which stands at 450 cars.

Speaking to the rumors, Rich Steinber, Manager - Electric Vehicle Operations and Strategy for BMW, said:

I would hate for anyone to get the impression that we are backing away from our commitment to EV development or the Megacity Vehicle project. Let me reassure you that nothing could be further from the truth.

With one of the largest fleet of electric vehicles in operation today, we are learning a great deal. Those lessons have already been applied in our development work. One example is the liquid heating and cooling capability for the batteries in the upcoming BMW ActiveE. This will help to optimize operating range in conditions of extreme hot and cold climates. Others include the four-seat capacity of the BMW ActiveE and it seven cubic-feet of trunk space. More than anything we have been impressed with the dedication and enthusiasm that MINI E drivers have brought to this project."

And so ...

No firm numbers have been given as to the size of the ActiveE test fleet, but those will likely be forthcoming as the release date looms.

Photo credits: BMW Group

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