Better Place Shows Of First EV Demonstration Center in Israel

Better Place Demo Fac in Israel

In brief: The company finally opened a facility on its home turf in Israel and Better Place is proudly showing what it's world-wide battery swapping and recharging hype is all about.

The word

Better Place Demo Facility in Israel

Better Place has taken the world by storm, with deals over the past few years being made in Denmark, Tokyo, Canada, and more. The Israeli company has also made deals with car makers like Renault to produce cars that have specific battery boxes that can be removed and replaced by Better Place's automated battery swapping bays.

The new center in Israel is built inside a refurbished oil tank, to drive the point home, and boasts partnerships with 92 corporate fleet owners and a leading gas station chain (Dor Alon) in Israel.

The center also boasts a 1 mile test drive track and it all opens to the public on February 14th.

And so ...

What a great time to fall in love with electrics!

Photo credits: Better Place

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