Better Place, Renault to Open Europe's 1st BPC With EV Subscription Plans

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In brief: Better Place and Renault have launched the first Better Place Center in Europe and announce electric vehicle subscription plans.

The word

Renault LogoThe BPC will allow consumers to purchase a new Renault Fluence ZE, sign up for a subscription to mobility services (battery leasing/swapping, charging), and act as a visitor's center for those with questions about EVs.

Better Place is offering a choice of five fixed-price packages for the Renault ZE in Denmark, its first sales region. These are based on kilometers driven ranging from relatively average to "all you can drive" plans with prices starting at $279USD/month out to $560USD/month. The plans are battery charging and leasing fees, reducing the price of the ZE appropriately by removing the cost of the battery from the purchase (or lease) price of the vehicle itself.

The BPC also offers home charging station units and installation for a one-time fee of $1,868USD.

The Fluence ZE has a range of 115 miles per charge and takes only five minutes to go through a battery swap at any Better Place center.

And so ...

Initial deliveries of the Fluence ZE through Better Place's mobility services will begin towards the end of this year.

Photo credits: Renault

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