Better Place Completes Successful Tokyo Taxi Battery Swap Trials

Better Place Tokyo facility

In brief: Utilizing three converted Nissan Rogues, Better Place has successfully completed a 3-month trial of their battery swapping station technology in Tokyo, Japan and is now moving to build stations in Israel and Denmark.

The word

Better Place Tokyo

Better Place built their test station in Tokyo late last year, giving public demonstrations of the battery swapping station and its automated technology before launching into a 3-month trial for the facility.

Nissan converted three Rogue crossovers to all-electric using batteries supplied by partner A123 Systems. The all-electric cars were painted and put into service as taxi cabs in downtown Tokyo, running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and vising Better Place's battery swapping station several times daily to replace and recharge their batteries.

The cars had a 50-60 mile range per charge and successfully went through trials for the automated battery swapping without many hitches. One car ran out of juice before reaching the station, requiring a tow, but problems were otherwise minimal.

Better Place now plans to do similar trials in Israel and Denmark, using Renault-supplied Fluence sedans converted to electric.

And so ...

Better Place has a modular battery system built by A123 Systems and used in partnership with Renault-Nissan for future electric vehicle deployments.

Photo credits: Better Place

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