BBC Begins 4,000 Mile Journey Across Europe in a Think City EV

BBC Team with their Think City

In brief: In order to document and give insight to people in Europe what life is like living with an electric vehicle on a long journey, the BBC has put together a team of four journalists into a Think City electric car for a 4,000-mile journey across Europe.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: Think City
Manufacturer: Think

The word

BBC Team With their Think CityTo answer the question of what living with an EV is really like, on the road, the four-person team will traverse Europe in their Think City electric car in a trip titled BBC's Electric Ride.

The trip will take more than a month and will span the continent and the route is not pre-planned to include any charging facilities. The team wants to know what it's like right now, today, not later after a full EV infrastructure has been erected.

The team's exploits will be documented on BBC radio on both terrestrial and internet broadcasts.

And so ...

Should be an interesting and enlightening trip, to say the least.

Photo credits: Think

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