Balqon Showcases New Range-Enhanced Electric Hostler

Balqon XR E20

In brief: Balqon showcased its new XR E20 terminal tractor (hostler) at the 2011 Alternative Clean Transportation Expo, boasting a 75% range increase over its XE 20 brother.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: XR E20
Manufacturer: Balqon

The word

Balqon XR E20

The XR E20 is a longer-range version of the XE 20 and is made to do a double-shift before recharge (about 16 hours or 150 miles).

Functionally, outside of the longer range, the XR E20 is the same as its groundbreaking brother the XE 20 terminal tractor. These are heavy-duty trucks (often called "yard hostlers" or just "hostlers") that are used to move freight trailers and containers around a facility, docks, etc.

The Balqon series are all-electric terminal tractors that operate without emissions from the vehicle. This new XR E20 recharges in 2-3 hours, the typical shift break time between a double-shift facility.

And so ...

Traditionally, these hostlers are diesel-powered like their big rig counterparts, but are a perfect option for electrification.

Photo credits: Balqon

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