Audi Will Unveil A1-based E-tron Concept at Geneva

Audi A1 2011 conceptual

In brief: Rumors of Audi planning an electric version of the small A1 seem to have been substantiated by reports that an e-Tron concept based on the A1 will be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: A1 Electric Concept / E-tron
Manufacturer: Audi

The word

Audi A1

The reports come from the French automotive site Le Buzz Auto who say that the A1 in its gasoline and diesel forms won't be all that Audi shows of the little car.

This could be the first plug-in vehicle from Audi that is produced in volume, as the R-8-based E-tron shown at the Frankfurt show will only see 1,000 units.

With the Geneva Motor Show coming on fast, reports like this promise to make it an exciting year.

And so ...

Audi plans to take the E-tron brand out and about quickly, it seems.

Photo credits: Audi

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