Audi Launches New Electric Drive System Development and Test Center

Audi Testing Center
In brief: Audi has commissioned a new development and testing center for electric drive systems in Ingolstadt.

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Audi technicians

Audi's new testing and development center in Ingolstadt will employ 840 people, working on electric drive systems, batteries and power electronics. The center is in anticipation of both the Audi Q5 Hybrid, the e-Tron line, and future Audi electrics.

Audi spent about $90 million (US) on the new building, which is 150,690 square feet, housing numerous advanced test rigs and tools. Engineers can test everything from individual components all the way to the full power train from battery to motor. The facilities includes altitude and weather simulation chambers to test various climactic conditions.

And so ...

The center is one of the most advanced electric vehicle testing centers in the world.

Photo credits: Audi

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