Arcimoto Pulse Oregon's newest electric vehicle

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Make/Model: Pulse
Manufacturer: Arcimoto
In Brief: Oregon-based Arcimoto is the latest car company to launch an EV prototype.

The Word

Oregon, a state with a reputation for advanced thinking in everything from the environment to assisted suicide, now has a new automaker, Eugene-based Arcimoto Motors.

Their product? The 2-seat Pulse EV. The vehicle will feature an advanced DC electric motor, a 110V battery pack that charges in 6 hours, a range of between 50 and 100 miles, and a top speed of 55 mph. It will sell for under $20,000.


Arcimoto is claiming that the Pulse will achieve somewhere around 190 MPGe, though as GM made very clear when they published the Chevy Volt's alleged MPGe, this number is rather deceptive.

And so …

Arcimoto CEO Erik Stabl "We're going to be moving right away next year in 2010 with 300 units locally produced here in Oregon and going from there." At the moment, they have 10 Pulse reservations.

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