Aptera's Poor Showing at the Automotive X Prize So Far

Aptera at X Prize (Consumer Reports)

In brief: The Aptera 2e gave a poor initial showing at the live events of the Automotive X Prize competition taking place in Michigan, hitting cones, going nearly out of control, and more.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: Aptera 2e
Manufacturer: Aptera

The word

Aptera at X Prize

Considered one of the favorites to win in the 100mpg (equivalent or MPGe) contest put on by Progressive Automotive, the Aptera 2e hit the track for the initial maneuverability tests and had a miserable showing.

Hitting cones, nearly losing control, and with the door popping open at one point, the car did not do well in the tests designed by Consumer Reports.

The video below shows the footage along with some commentary from CR.

And so ...

Not a good start for the struggling auto company's entry. The company is putting a lot of marketing value on the outcome of the X Prize, which may be a mistake.

Photo credits: Consumer Reports

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