Aptera Officially Pushes 2e Production Back, Responds to Rumors

Aptera doors up

In brief: Aptera responds to rumors about its internal problems and officially pushes the production date for the much-antiticipated 2e back.

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Make/Model: 2e
Manufacturer: Aptera

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Aptera 2e

Releasing a press release yesterday afternoon, Aptera responded to rumors of financial woes, layoffs, and the ouster of its two founders from the Board of Directors. We reported on those when they broke on the 16th.

Acknowledging that the 2e's development has been outpacing fundraising, despite large inputs of money from Google and IdeaLab, Aptera CEO Paul Wilber says production schedules have to be updated to meet with financing realities.

"However, we now have to adjust our production schedule to align with financing realities."
-Aptera CEO Paul Wilber

Citing the progression of product refinements, engineering an design details, strategic partnerships, and so forth, Wilber says the change from a late 2009 to an (undefined) 2010 date is prudent towards the long-term viability of the company.

The production delay is also the reason for the layoffs (reported to be around 30% of employees) and for the "stepping aside" of founders Steve Fambro and Chris Anthony, though they retain their seats on the Board of Directors. So the ouster of the two founders is not an ouster, merely a removal of their influence in day-to-day activities.

And so ...

All in all, it appears the rumor-mill was close to target on this one. Growing pains like this are to be expected of any startup. Tesla Motors went through the same delays and controversies before bringing the Roadster to production.

Photo credits: Aptera

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