Aptera Officially Closes Its Doors


In brief: Aptera Motors closes its doors, hands over keys to bankruptcy liquidators.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: 2e
Manufacturer: Aptera

The word

Aptera Motors sent notice via email to the press, investors, etc. on December 2 and announced that it was closing its doors for good. The troubled company had been on the brink for months, after failing to secure matching funding for a $150 million Department of Energy loan.

The letter from company CEO Paul Wilbur claims that the company had found little support for its 3-wheeled design and had scrapped that in favor of a never-revealed 4-wheeled electric "similar to a Toyota Camry." This phantom car was to be priced at less than $30,000 and deliver 190mpge or better.

Despite a lot of industry hype and excitement about the 2e's aircraft-like looks and excellent on-road performance (the car was even shown off on Jay Leno's Garage), the car had an abysmal showing at the Progressive Insurance Automotive X-Prize competition.

And so ...

After the announcement, video surfaced on YouTube apparently showing Aptera employees smashing the body hull of a prototype 2e with a forklift and laughing about "selling it on eBay."

Photo credits: Aptera

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