Aptera Motors Reveals Production 2e, Says 'On the road to financial stability'

Aptera 2e Production Prototype (rear)
Aptera 2e Production Prototype (front)

In brief: Aptera says the financial challenges of 2009 are behind them and unveiled the production-ready prototype of the 2e before shipping it to Detroit for the Automotive X Prize final competition stages.

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Make/Model: 2e
Manufacturer: Aptera Motors

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Aptera 2e Production Prototype

Things were bleak for Aptera last November as a boardroom showdown ousted founders Steve Ambro and Chris Anthony and later culminated in massive layoffs. Company CEO Paul Wilbur says that they're past that now and nearing financial stability.

This was said at the Wednesday unveiling of the production prototype Aptera 2e in California before the car was crated for shipping to Detroit to compete in the final phases of the Automotive X Prize.

Changes to the 2e are as expected and similar to what was leaked in September 2009. Some styling, several automotive-conforming cosmetics, and a few interior changes are the majority of the differences from earlier renditions.

Aptera 2e Production Prototype

Aptera promises the car will be out in as early as 11 months, but at full-volume assuredly by sometime in 2011. All of this, of course, assumes the company receives the $185 million in Department of Energy loans they've been hoping for (and hinging their future on).

The company is fresh from a new round of investment capital, just enough to keep it afloat until DoE loans put them into production.

And so ...

The final price tag for the Aptera 2e has changed (again). This time, Wilbur says it will be between $25,000 and $45,000, depending on battery options.

Photo credits: Aptera

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