Alleged final design images of Aptera 2e surface on vehicle forum

Aptera logo.jpg
Aptera logo.jpg

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Make/Model: 2e
Manufacturer: Aptera Motors
In Brief: Alleged images of the production Aptera 2e have surfaced on an Aptera forum showing some minor design changes to the forward-thinking 3-wheeled vehicle.

The Word

The Aptera is one of the most unique new generation electric vehicles coming to market. Its innovative and futuristic design has divided alternative car fans but created enormous buzz, making it one of the more anticipated vehicles in recent memory.

Below is a rendering of the alleged final design of the all-electric Aptera 2e, which popped up on, accompanied by the following: "Well, as you might imagine given the time-frame the company is trying to hit, there are now more companies, partners, suppliers, and consultants involved as we near the start of production builds [sic]. With more partners comes more potential leaks..."


Notable design differences include changes to the doors, windows, tail lights and undercarrriage, among others. As can be seen in the link below to older pictures, the Aptera has come a long way since its initial design.

And so …

Recently autobloggreen ran a story regarding the Aptera's possible availability through electronics retailer Best Buy. Whatever the case, the Aptera has been scheduled for delivery sometime before 2010.

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