AirRay Concept With Four Wind Turbines, Solar Power, and More

AirRay (top-front)
AirRay (top)

In brief: What has four wind turbines, solar panels, batteries, and is also a plug-in electric? The AirRay.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: AirRay (concept)
Manufacturer: EarthSure Renewable Energy Corp.

The word


This car can be described in one of two ways: it's a renewable energy lover's dream come true or it's what happens when you promise a stack of government money for all things "green."

This concept was conceived by EarthSure Renewable Energy who's website says:

"We are on the cutting edge of compliance with America's Green Initiatives as they relate to the energy and environmental provisions in the Stimulus Plan."

The AirRay concept promises no less than four wind turbines (3 at front, one in rear), solar panels on the roof top, and Vehicle to Grid (V2G) capability (aka "a plug").

AirRay top-front

The car's concept is all-electric, but no other specs are given. The turbines and solar panel offer extra power on the road or parked in the lot to keep the batteries up.

AirRay top

And so ...

It's doubtful that this concept will be anything but a computer rendering. No information on how many pigeon hits the fan blades can withstand before requiring replacement was available.

Photo credits: AirRay

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