Acrimoto Comes Out of Hiding With New Gen 4 Pulse

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In brief: The Acrimoto Pulse has been quietly selling to a small group of electric car lovers, but many wondered what happened when the company suddenly went silent late last year. Now they're back with a new iteration of the Pulse.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: Pulse (Gen 4)
Manufacturer: Acrimoto

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Acrimoto all but disappeared late last year, fueling rumors that they were about to go belly up. They've re-emerged, however, to shatter those rumors and show a new iteration of the Pulse, which they've been hard at work on.

The company has been hard at work on the newest generation of the Pulse, called the Generation 4 prototype.

Most of the improvements are mechanical and internal. Based on customer feedback and real-world use, the changes include improvements to drive train and electrical components, better handling, and more.

Probably the largest changes were to interior seating, however. Passenger ergonomics are important and Acrimoto found that many testers were uncomfortable due to the limited height of the interior. The new ergonomics were tested by none other than former Portland Trailblazer Chris Dudley who'se 6-foot 11-inch frame fit nicely in the new design.

The team is testing the new prototype and will begin releasing more detailed information as that progresses. The company is also now aggressively reaching out to investors to secure funding for full production of the Pulse.

And so ...

Good news from Acrimoto, who has one of the most unique 3-wheeled EVs out there.

Photo credits: Acrimoto

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