AC Propulsion and Yokohama Tire Power EV to Pikes Peak Record

AC Propulsion and Yokohama Tire Pikes Peak Sled

In brief: An electric race car made by AC Propulsion and sponsored by Yokohama Tire set new records at the 89th annual Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in late June.

The word

AC Propulsion and Yokohama Tire sled vehicle

The vehicle was equipped with rear-wheel drive and is an open-wheeled race car (shown here with the bodywork removed). The efficient Yokohama BluEarth tires and Sanyo lithium-ion batteries propelled it to the top thanks to the AC-180 motor (268hp) - the high performance version of AC Prop's AC-150.

Using a high-performance cooling system, the car was able to use maximum power for the entire climb, which gave it the ability to smash last year's EV record for Pikes Peak by almost a full minute. Last year's record was 13:17:575 and the new record now stands at 12:20:084.

The same proprietary tzero-technology that powered the MonoTracer MTE-150 to first place in the Progressive Automotive X Prize was also in this racer.

And so ...

Very impressive. As TomGage, CEO of AC Propulsion said, the old racing adage applies to EVs too: "Win on Sunday, Sell on Monday."

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