AC Propulsion and Peraves Will Market E-Tracer X-Prize Winner

E-Tracer XPrize
In brief: AC Propulsion and Peraves AG have signed a letter of intent to bring the E-Tracer electric vehicle to market in the U.S.

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Make/Model: E-Tracer Manufacturer: AC Propulsion

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AC Propulsion E-Tracer at X-Prize

The E-Tracer was one of the winners at the Automotive X-Prize competition and will likely be the first to see production if this letter of intent becomes reality.

The E-Tracer is an all-electric, two-wheeled, two-seater which handles, drivers say, like a "jet plane." The first 100 units of the new vehicle will hit the U.S. market sometime in 2011.

Details of the collaboration have yet to be finalized, but AC Propulsion and Peraves made the announcement earlier this month at the AltCar Expo.

And so ...

The X-Prize winning car has a 100 mile range, lead the competition with the highest MPGe at 205.3 and a 0-60mph of 6.6 seconds.

Photo credits: Automotive X-Prize

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