AAA Hopes to Ease "Range Anxiety" with Roadside Charging


One of the drawbacks of owning an all-electric car is "range anxiety" -- the constant fear that you will run out of juice and be left stranded. Well, the folks who have saved stranded drivers almost since gas cars have been around hope to do the same as technology changes.

The American Automobile Association -- AAA to you and me -- last week announced the first-ever mobile charging roadside assistance trucks in the U.S.

These trucks will be able to quickly recharge electric batteries to give drivers another 10 to 15 minutes of driving time, which should be enough to get people to a charging station.

“As the electric vehicle market continues to emerge, AAA is ready to help alleviate some range anxiety with the ability to provide a charge to electric vehicles on the roadside that gets drivers back on the go quickly,” said AAA vice president Marshall L. Doney, according to Motor Trend.

Pilot programs will begin soon in Portland, Seattle, San Francisco Bay, Los Angeles, Knoxville and Tampa Bay.

“AAA’s mobile electric vehicle charging is intended to be a service similar to what AAA has provided to motorists with gas-powered vehicles for nearly a century,” AAA executive John Nielsen said. “When your vehicle runs out of fuel — whether it is traditional gasoline or electric fuel — AAA can provide you with a limited amount to help you safely reach a location where you can fill up your tank or your battery.”

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