3rd Generation Electric Smart Car Gets Power Boost


The third generation of the electric Smart car has been announced, and it will come with a major boost in power.

PlugInCars.com writes:

The motor from the second-generation car was making 30-kW with 88-lbs/ft of torque. The third generation will offer 55-kW with 96-lbs/ft of torque—9% more torque and 83% more power. That's a big improvement. The manufacturer says acceleration 0-to-62-mph requires less than 13 seconds, while top speed has been raised from a ridiculous 62 miles per hour to an adequate 75 mph.

The battery has also been upgraded, so the range of the car jumps from 70 to 87 miles before the juice runs out.

Parent company Daimler also announced a "five-figure production volume," so anywhere from 10,000-99,999 will be built. That means people will actually be able to get their hands on this car -- only 2,000 second generation electric Smart cars came off the assembly line.

The car is expected to be available next spring. Pricing has not been announced, but Plug In Cars expects it "to be at least one-third cheaper than a Nissan LEAF." That all-electric car starts at $35,200.

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