3-Minute Electric Car Charger Announced by JFE Engineering

JFE Super-Rapid Charger

In brief: So fast it's called "super-rapid," the charging system from JFE Engineering has been developed as a laboratory scale model to charge a car in 3 minutes.

The word

JFE Super-Rapid Charger

"With existing technology, charging an EV to 80% of battery capacity requires approximately 30 minutes. Thsi long charging time detracts from the convenience of EVs..." says JFE.

True enough. They claim that with their new system, cars can be charged to 50% in only 3 minutes, which is the average time it takes to fill a gas tank or run into a convenience store.

Given five minutes, a charge of up to 70% can be achieved. Most commercial EVs have (or plan to have) a driving range of about 100-200km/charge (or 50-100 miles) while the average American drives only about 24-30 miles per day. So 3-5 minutes to 50-70% is more than enough.

JFE thinks that not only will their charger make EV's more convenient for their owners, but will entice more owners to buy one.

And so ...

Interesting, though no third-party tests have been done yet.

Photo credits: JFE

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