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Nissan Leaf awarded High-Mileage Vehicle of the Year at Denver Auto Show

In brief: The Nissan Leaf received the High Mileage Vehicle of the Year Award from RMAP at the Denver Auto Show 2012. Vehicle in the news Make/M... Read More


CODA Automotive Begins Delivery of Electric Car to Consumers, Dealers

In brief: CODA Automotive in Southern Califronia has rolled its first cars off its small assembly line and begun deliveries to its pre-purchase custom... Read More


Details of Pininfarina Cambiano Concept Car Released

In brief: The all-electric, quad-driven Cambiano sedan has seen its vitals released before its debut at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show. Vehicle in ... Read More


Goldfish eFUSION All Electric Boat Wins 2012 Boat of the Year Innovation Award

In brief: The Goldfish 23 eFUSION, powered by an electric propulsion system, won the innovation award category of the 2012 European Powerboat of the Y... Read More


The Toyota TES-ERA Sports EV Concept

In brief: Revealed in Japan at an auto show, the TES-ERA is an electric sport coupe concept from Toyota's Engineering Society. Vehicle in the news ... Read More


Electric Cars Coming This Year

In brief: 2011 was the precursor with the Volt and Leaf leading the way. 2012 promises to be the breakout year for electric vehicles as 8 other models... Read More


Tesla Confirms Price Tag for Model S: $57,400

In brief: Tesla Motor's next car, the Model S, will release in the summer of 2012 and its price is confirmed at $57,400 before rebates or incentives. ... Read More


Production of Ford Focus Electric Begins in Michigan

In brief: Ford has begun production of its Focus Electric battery electric vehicle at its Michigan plant. Vehicle in the news Make/Model: 2012 F... Read More


Aptera Officially Closes Its Doors

In brief: Aptera Motors closes its doors, hands over keys to bankruptcy liquidators. Vehicle in the news Make/Model: 2e Manufacturer: Aptera ... Read More


Zero Motorcycles Adds Longer Range to 2012 Lineup

In brief: Zero Motorcycles is in Milan showing their 2012 lineup of motorcycles at the EICMA trade show with a surprise announcement: all 2012 models ... Read More


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