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Electric Car News Page 8

Breaking News


Nissan LEAF sets speed record.. in reverse

In brief: The Nissan LEAF is the world's fastest car - in reverse. Record set at Goodwood Festival of Speed. Vehicle in the news Make/Model: 201... Read More


2013 Honda Fit EV to begin leasing on July 20

In brief: New electric vehicle from Honda will become available for lease in California and Oregon later this month. Vehicle in the news Make/Mo... Read More


Tesla Model S Begins Delivery

In brief: Tesla begins delivery of Model S to customers, marking the official launch of the model. Vehicle in the news Make/Model: S Manufactur... Read More


Nissan expects Leaf sales to double after opening American plant

In brief: Nissan plans to go live with it's new American production facility for the electric Leaf later this year and says sales will grow quickly af... Read More


EPA Says Tesla Model S has 265 miles range, 89 MPGe

In brief: The official mileage and efficiency numbers for the Model S have been released. Vehicle in the news Make/Model: Model S Manufacturer:... Read More


Toyota shows off kids toy cars in Tokyo

In brief: Toyota is catering to future car buyers with the Camatte EV concept showing this week in Tokyo. Vehicle in the news Make/Model: Camatt... Read More


Fire officials say Texas house fire caused by Fisker Karma

In brief: Fire officials say that the Karma caught fire shortly after being garaged in a Texas home last week. Vehicle in the news Make/Model: K... Read More


Brammo Unveils New Models: Empulse and Empulse R

In brief: At a launch party in Los Angeles, the Oregon-based company revealed the new Empulse and Empulse R electric motorcycles. Vehicle in the ne... Read More


Racey cool Peugeot XRC Concept

In brief: Imagine the thrill of actually sitting in your favorite remote-controlled car from youth. That's the XRC. Vehicle in the news Make/Mo... Read More


Nissan Leaf awarded High-Mileage Vehicle of the Year at Denver Auto Show

In brief: The Nissan Leaf received the High Mileage Vehicle of the Year Award from RMAP at the Denver Auto Show 2012. Vehicle in the news Make/M... Read More


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