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Electric Car News Page 6

Breaking News


2013 Nissan Leaf made in U.S.A. and price reduced

In brief: The new Nissan Leaf is not made in the U.S. and a new entry-level trim option lowers its price by 18%. Vehicle in the news Make/Model:... Read More


Fiat 500e gets EPA rating of 116 MPGe combined

In brief: The Environmental Protection Agency has given the Fiat 500e electric car official mileage and range ratings. Vehicle in the news Make/... Read More


Washington State implementing electric vehicle tax

In brief: The State of Washington of has approved a use tax for electric vehicles that will go into in 2013. The word Electric car owners in Wa... Read More


60kWh Tesla Model S gets EPA rating of 208 miles of range

In brief: The EPA has released certification for the 60 kWh 2012 Tesla Model S, giving it a range of 208 miles per charge. Vehicle in the news M... Read More


Fiat introduced 2013 Fiat 500e at LA Auto Show

In brief: Fiat has introduced a new battery-electric version of the popular 500 city car, called the 500e. Vehicle in the news Make/Model: 2013 ... Read More


McLaren putting 42 all-electric race cars into the Formula E series

In brief: McLaren, well-known for its muscular sports cars and legendary cars in Formula 1, has jumped feet first into the emerging electric car racin... Read More


Honda unveils Micro Commuter Prototype semi-modular EV

In brief: Honda has revealed a new micro-concept car that will be undergoing real-world testing in Japan next year. Vehicle in the news Make/Mod... Read More


Tesla to deliver 5,000 Model S units by end of year

In brief: Tesla has produced over 1,000 Model S bodies so far and expects to deliver 5,000 units by year's end, says CEO Elon Musk. Vehicle in the ... Read More


NYSE de-lists Enova Systems

In brief: Warned of a pending de-list in July, Enova Systems (ENA) has been removed from the New York Stock Echange (NYSE) for non-compliance. The ... Read More


Exagon Furtive eGT tops 149 MPH on the Nurburgring

In brief: French automaker Exagon Motors shows off the Furtive eGT electric car at the world-famous Nürburgring track. Vehicle in the news Make... Read More


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