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Electric Car News Page 50

Breaking News


Mavizen to Produce 130mph Electric TTXGP Superbike in UK

In brief: The TTXGP Mavizen TTX02 is now available for pre-order, shipping in March 2010. Vehicle in the news Make/Model: TTX02 Manufacturer: M... Read More


Volvo to Present New Electric C30 at NAIAS 2010

In brief: Volvo will be presenting the latest iteration of their battery electric C30 at the NAIAS in Detroit next month. Vehicle in the news Ma... Read More


Aston Martin Shows Off Its Toyota iQ Spinoff - the Cygnet

In brief: Aston Martin has revealed the final concept version of their Cygnet EV, a licensed variant of the Toyota iQ. Vehicle in the news Make/... Read More


Rinspeed to Unveil the UC? Concept Electric City Car in Geneva

In brief: At the Geneva Motor Show next March, Rinspeed will finally unveil their UC? concept commuter, an electric city car that can travel by rail. ... Read More


5 Finalists for the Green Vision Award Announced - all are electrics

In brief: The five finalists for the Green Car Vision Award have been announced, the winner of which will be chosen at the upcoming Washington D.C. Au... Read More


1/9th Scale KillaCycle for Sale on eBay

In brief: Bill and Eva of the KillaCycle Team have built a 1/9th scale model which includes parts from the original bike. It is for sale on eBay. V... Read More


Myers Motors Changes NMG's Name, Opens Up for Pre-Orders

In brief: Myers Motors has announced a name change for the NMG2, which is now the Duo. Pre-Orders for as low as $22,500 are being taken on the 2-seate... Read More


Electric Mini E's Land in Britain

In brief: With the U.S. trials of the Mini E electric cars from BMW already well underway, a new set of 40 Mini Es have landed in the UK for trials th... Read More


KillaCycle Heads to Kiwi Country

In brief: The world's fastest electric drag-racing motorcycle is headed for New Zealand for a green promotional tour and to take on the Kiwi's fastest... Read More


Enova Systems and Freightliner to Deploy All-Electric Fleets

In brief: The Freightliner Custom Chassis Corporation (FCCC) and Enova Systems in Torrance, California, have completed the first of four phases in pro... Read More


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