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Electric Car News

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Renault-Nissan Alliance Holds 58% of Global Zero-emission Car Market

In brief: The Renault-Nissan Alliance is well over a decade old and now shares more than just a CEO - they also share over 200,000 electric vehicles s... Read More


Allison Offering Full Electrification Option for H 40/50 EP Hybrid System

In brief: Allison Transmissions is now making available an option to fully electrify components used with its H 40/50 EP hybrid propulsion system for ... Read More


Tesla Model S gets AWD and Autpilot

In brief: Tesla showcased the new "D" models of the Model S, which feature all-wheel drive and advanced "autopilot" hardware. Vehicle in the news ... Read More


Nissan Engineers Combine a LEAF and a Frontier for an electric Cruck

In brief: Nissan engineers in Arizona have combined a Nissan LEAF electric car and a Frontier pickup truck to make a "yard truck." The word Nissan... Read More


BMW i3 bests Tesla Model S in U.S. sales

In brief: The BMW i3 electric car has only been on the market a few months, but after quarterly results are in, it's selling better than the Model S. ... Read More


KillaJoule, Eva Hakansson Hit 241 mph on Bonneville, Going Back for More

In brief: Eva Hakansson rode the KillaJoule to nearly 242 miles per hour at Bonneville a couple of weeks ago and now she's ready for more. The word... Read More


Tesla extends drive unit, battery warranty on Model S to 8 years, "infinite" miles

In brief: Tesla Motors has extended the drive unit warranty on the Model S to match the battery pack. Vehicle in the news Year, Model: Model S ... Read More


Nissan to lose money on every LEAF battery sold

In brief: After a surprise announcement that the company was dropping battery pack replacement prices, Nissan confirmed that it's also going to lose m... Read More


Daimler, BMW jointly developing common wireless charging tech

In brief: Daimler (Mercedes-Benz) and BMW have agreed to jointly develop and implement a common technology for wireless charging for electric and plug... Read More


BMW i3 poll reveals EV buyer facts that might surprise

In brief: A new poll reveals how buyers and potential buyers of the BMW i3 feel about electrics and has some interesting notes about trade-ins and mor... Read More


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