VW Introduces Next-Gen Touran with BlueMotion

VW Touran 2011

In brief: Volkswagen has introduces the next-generation Touran in Leipzig with eight engine options, many of which include BlueMotion technology.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: Touran
Manufacturer: Volkswagen

The word

VW Touran 2011

The popular Touran MPV has sold 1.13 million units and holds nearly half the market in its segment in Europe. The new 2011 models will feature a full range of even more fuel-efficiency gasoline and diesel engines, all with direct injection.

The top option in efficiency is the TDI BlueMotion Technology engine which produces 103hp and gets 51.1mpg (US equiv).

The best gasoline option is a BlueMotion TSI with start-stop and getting 40mpg (US equiv).

Several other options are available, all ranging in power efficiency. All eight options are approved under Euro-5 emissions standards.

And so ...

Now if only they would send these to the U.S.

Photo credits: VW

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