Neste Oil Begins Trials of Neste Green 100% Renewable Diesel

Neste Oil Station

In brief: Neste Oil has begun trials of their Neste Green 100 diesel replacement made from palm oil. The field trials will include vehicles of Neste employees as well as private citizens in the Helsinki, Finland area.

The word

Neste Oil Station

Neste Green 100 is not biodiesel, as it is a diesel replacement (hydrocarbon) rather than a fatty methyl ester. Lab tests have shown a 40-80% lifecycle reduction in GHG emissions versus petroleum diesel with lower tailpipe emissions and particulates as well.

The Neste fuel contains NExBTL, made from palm seed oil, and is 100% renewable. This trial batch is specifically designed for the Finnish climate and conditions.

NExBTL is made thorugh the high-pressure hydrogenation of fatty acids and creates byproducts including propane and gasoline. Neste has two 800,000 tonne capacity plants under construction, one in Singapore and the other in Rotterdam. They will go online this year and next respectively.

And so ...

Neste plans to take the product to market as soon as possible. Neste Green 100 can be made from several plant oil sources, so the product is not tied to palm oil.

Photo credits: Neste

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