GM Working on Diesel Hybrids for Open, Vauxhall - Audi and BMW See Strong US Diesel Sales

Opel Flex upclose

In brief: Diesel cars may finally be seeing acceptance in the U.S. as Audi and BMW report strong U.S. diesel sales and GM collaborates on diesel hybrid powertrains with Opel and Vauxhall.

The word

Opel Flex

General Motors is working on a diesel hybrid powertrain that will likely see production in both Opel and Vauxhall models for European sales.

The target date for this power system to hit the streets would be 2012, though with high development costs and other considerations, it could be delayed.

Diesel gets better mileage over the long distance and hybrids get better mileage for shorter distances, so a diesel-hybrid powertrain seems to be a perfect match.

Meanwhile, Audi and BMW are reporting strong U.S. diesel vehicle sales for 2009, and growing. Both automakers have won the Green Car of the Year Award, one after the other with Audi winning it for 2009, and both with TDI (diesel) models.

And so ...

It may be that diesel is finally becoming accepted in the U.S. and, if GM decides to sell the diesel-hybrid powertrain here, it could mean a new age of autos.

Photo credits: Opel

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