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Mercedes Adds New BlueTEC Model for S-Class

In brief: Mercedes-Benz is now introducing a new S 350 BlueTEC that meets EU 6 standards (set to be in place in 2014). 11% more fuel efficient. Veh... Read More


VW Sharan Minivan Will Offer Up to 43mpg US

In brief: Volkswagen will introduce the third-generation Sharan MPV minivan this summer, which is both larger than its predecessor and more fuel effic... Read More


VW Unveils New Jetta with Gasoline and Diesel Options

In brief: Volkswagen has unveiled the new Jetta, coming to showrooms in 2011 with a TDI clean diesel option for the U.S. market with a combined 34mpg.... Read More


BMW 320d Gets Over 1,000 Miles On 1 Tank of Fuel

In brief: BMW has claimed that the 320d EfficientDynamics car can go for 1,000 miles on one tank of diesel fuel. Now it's been verified by an automot... Read More


Volvo Upgrades 2011 Diesel Engines to Lower Fuel Consumption

In brief: The 5-cylinder 2L turbodiesel engine that was introduced with the S60 is now available throughout Volvo's model range as the D3. Engine i... Read More


Neste Oil Begins Trials of Neste Green 100% Renewable Diesel

In brief: Neste Oil has begun trials of their Neste Green 100 diesel replacement made from palm oil. The field trials will include vehicles of Neste ... Read More


Daimler Smart Cars to get Diesel and Hybrid Powertrains

In brief: Daimler says that the Smart brand of vehicles will see new offerings in its lineup, including a diesel and hybrid-electric version of the di... Read More


VW Introduces Next-Gen Touran with BlueMotion

In brief: Volkswagen has introduces the next-generation Touran in Leipzig with eight engine options, many of which include BlueMotion technology. V... Read More


Carbon Motors announces collaboration with BMW

In Brief: Carbon has announced a technology partnership with BMW that is believed to be worth somewhere around a billion euro. Vehicle in the news... Read More


2011 Ford F-Series Pickups Improve Fuel Economy Up to 25%

In brief: The 2011 models of the Ford F-Series Super Duty pickups will show a 15% (gasoline) to 25% (diesel) improvement in fuel economy. Vehicle i... Read More


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