VW Beetle Converted to Run on "Poop"

Geneco VW Beetle

In brief: Geneco, a sustainable energy company owned by Wessex Water in the UK, has converted a Volkswagen Beetle to run on human waste.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: VW conversion
Manufacturer: Geneco

The word

Geneco CNG Beetle

The company has converted the VW to run on compressed natural gas (methane), which it is harvesting from its waste treatment plant.

The biologically-based methane gas is harvested when sewage is put into a special decomposition container, where bacteria break it down, giving off methane. This is then harvested and compressed to be pumped into the Bettle's fuel tank. The modified engine of the car (now capable of running on CNG) is powered by the compressed gas.

And so ...

An interesting and fun idea, though to move this car 10,000 miles requires the daily waste from 70,000 homes.

Photo credits: Geneco

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